Jon Parsons-Owner/Instructor

Jon is a 23 year Engineer/Paramedic with a Fire Department in the DFW Area. He is married to his wife of 21 years and has 3 children ages 18, 14 ,and 9.
His father who is a retired Lt Colonel in the Marine Corps and a Trophy Winning Marksman trained Jon to shoot starting at an early age. Jon enjoys taking his kids to the range and teaching them the fundamentals of shooting.  The following are Jon's credentials:

Texas LTC Instructor                                Master Firefighter
NRA Pistol Instructor                              Licensed Paramedic
Front Sight Graduate
Certified Gunsmith                                    
Glock Armorer
Federal Firearms License Dealer

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Students Comments from our course Evaluations
Everyone was Fantastic! I will be back for my renewal. When my wife is ready for her CHL she will be in this class with these instructors. Everything was awesome.-Shawn S. Corinth, Texas

What a team! Learned and laughed for 10 hrs. Thanks - Ken A.- Grapevine, Texas

Very Informative + I can tell y'all are passionate about teaching gun safety. Andrew J.- Ft Worth, Texas

Instructors were very good with examples for a better understanding. Greg K.- Southlake, Texas

Both Instructors were well spoken, friendly, and very helpful answering any questions. Leroy G-The Colony, Texas

Love It! It had a nice pace. Hector L.-Southlake, Texas

Great content and personal observations. The smooth teaching made the time go by quickly. Michael B.- Dallas, Texas

Very well organized and professionally run. Maria M- Fort Worth, Texas

Kept it Interesting! Great Instructors. Super helpful in the range. Gari-Anne S.-Grapevine, Texas

Instructors make class fun while getting facts across in an understandable manner. Larry B.-Dallas, Texas

I really enjoyed the class and Im glad I met Jon at the gun show. Michelle S.-Frisco, Texas

Entertaining and Engaging! It held my attention easily. Carol H.-Richardson, Texas

Informative, Great Speaker, Nice People. Lisa I-Euless, Texas

Interactive and Fun for learning! Hilton J.-Arlington, Texas

I liked the interaction and real life examples given in class. It kept the 10 hr class interesting. I also liked that the instructors were by the book. Monique B-Arlington, Texas

Thorough-good, clear instruction, without radical statements. Liked the convenience of online registration.  Linda C.- Dallas, Texas

Both Instructors were very knowledgeable and I loved the use of personal stories/experience. Lonneka N.-Coppell, Texas

Instructor was passionate about the subject and very informative. Keith S.-Colleyville, Texas

Very well taught, lots of good information! James D.-Flower Mound, Texas

Was dreading the long class time, but the instructor made the class fun and enjoyable. The time flew by. Thank You! Dr. Angel S.-Lantana, Texas

Loved the class! As a firearms "newbie" I was made to feel very comfortable and welcome. Karen A.-Carrollton, Texas

Great Class for people wanting to get the class done and out of the way in one day. Great teachers. Chad C-Lewisville, Texas

I liked that we shot first thing in the morning, it helped wake me up. Instuctors were very well spoken. Great Job! Bryan C.- Carrollton ,Texas

Still learned, yet not so serious that I was bored. Neeli S.-Carrollton, Tx

Most reasonable price I could find, and material was presented well to a good sized group( not overcrowded) - David W-Dallas, Tx

The class was interesting even though the info is some what boring. Carry with Confidence goes beyond teaching the material. They stand beside you after the class should any questions arise. Shean B- Heath, Tx

Excellent Knowledge, Friendly Staff- Aamir S- Garland, Tx

Very Informative and engaging. The Instuctors are obviously passionate about our Second Amendment Rights, gun safety, and passing on their knowledge to others. Cant recommend any higher! Justin B.-Addison, Tx

Fantastic Instruction, made the class interesting and somewhat entertaining while still being extremely Informative and Educational. Kyle F Mckinney, Tx

Class was very informative on all subject matter and more. Instuctors answered  every question I had even about legally carrying a concealed firearm, when to use it, and every scenario, and legality of each scenario pertaining to a chl holder, as well as a non chl holder. The course lives up to its name. I am 100% sure that I can " Carry with Confidence" after this class. Lance-G- The Colony, Tx

If I have to sit through a 10 hr class, this is it! Stuart D- Mckinney,Tx

Great Class, will be recommending to friends. Kyle M- Little Elm, Tx

Very Informational, learned many new key pieces of info that we will use everyday. Lindsey R- Frisco, Tx

Course was/is a great value. Instruction was very good and what could have been a long day went by at a good pace. Craig F.-McKinney, Tx

I enjoyed the day of instruction, and I was especially impressed by the professionalism displayed during our time on the range. Thank You-Greg C.-Dallas, Tx

The Instructors made the dry material , 10 hr class, entertaining and move quickly. Erin F-Grand Prairie, Tx

To the point with good facts and levity as well. Great presenter and fun for all. Great Range Acumen. Doug C.-Dallas, Tx

10 hrs flew by and was both fun and informative. Charles S-Allen, Tx

Great Info. Very Knowledgeable Instructors. Sent my own daughter to this class. Lester B-Van Alstyne, Tx

I was real nervous about shooting but the instruction given by the instructor at the gun range made it simple to understand. Easy to follow even if you dont know the lingo. Marlina B-Breckenridge, Tx

I really enjoyed the class and feel more empowered to carry and use my firearm if a situation presented itself. Angela G-Dallas, Tx

The instructors should be commended! They stood up and talked steady for 10 hrs and was interesting. Patsy P-Keller, Tx

Ten hours is a long time but it was not bad because the instructor was entertaining and enjoyed teaching. I will be back. Genia W--Carrollton, Tx

My wife and daughter will take this class very soon! Randy L-Grapevine, Tx

I would recommend this class to anyone wanting a CHL, great instructors, and great class. Autumn S.-Denton, Tx

Very informative and kept my attention all day. Great Job. Joel M-Dallas, Tx

Fastest 10 hrs every. Great content, very interesting, and great use of humor to carry the slow parts. Great Job! Justin M.-Dallas, Tx

Great Class. It was great getting everything done in one day. Thanks for the lunch! It was nice getting our range work out of the way 1st thing. James I. Carrollton, Tx

Great Class, and very professional in their presentation. Robert B. Allen, Tx

Very Engaging Instructor, he makes this an enjoyable experience. Randy B Dallas, Tx

Excellent Class, They did a great job with their presentation and the complete package with the range fees, classroom, and photos all included in the price is an excellent value. Thank You. Kirk K.-Flowermound, Tx

Wonderful class and I will definitely take my renewal class with CWC. Meredith R- Southlake, Tx

It was a great class! Flow, info, humor, but all the info you needed and more.  Tanya P-Irving Tx

Very entertaining, despite somewhat"dry" content and legalease. Would recommend as being a great value compared to other classes. Michelle F.-Coppell, Tx

The class was fun, informative and exceeded my expectations. Robert J. Double Oak, Tx

Was expectin​​g a long boring day but they kept it interesting, enjoyable and the time really flew by. Shanna S.- Oakpoint, Tx

Very professional and timely-Not Boring. James G. Mckinney, Tx

This has been one of the most suprisingly ​​enjoyable ways to get a license for anything!  Josh D-Frisco, Tx

Loved this class-safety was important to the instructors. Very well done and conducted. Tim P. Lewisville, Tx​​

Fun Class, enjoyed every minute. Would refer a friend about this class. Hue L-McKinney, Tx

This class was great all around. The price, the instructors, the setting, everything. Great Job Guys. Marc H-Melissa, Tx

I was concerned that I would be bored taking a 10 hr class, but thanks to the instructors the time flew by. I was very impressed to learn so much and to have kept my attention for all 10 hrs. Angela H. Melissa, Tx

While my anxiety level was very high at the beginning, you certainly put me at ease by giving me the confidence that I was not too nervous to do the shooting. Debbie D Frisco, Tx

Educational, enjoyable, and credible. Amber W-Colleyville, Tx

You made me feel confidence and prepared. It was a painfree and very educational. Amber G-Cross Plains, Tx

The class was informative and the instructor, They presented the material in a professional manner. David R- Frisco, Tx







Scott Cooper-Lead Instructor

Scott has recently retired from a 21 year career in the US Army at the rank of Sergeant First Class. He has a wife of 18 years and 3 kids. His MOS during his career were SCOUT, Blackhawk mechanic crew chief, and Door Gunner. He also spent his Army career as a Firearms Instructor. The following are Scott's credentials:

Texas LTC Instructor
NRA Pistol Instructor
US Army Pistol Marksman Instructor
US Army Rifle Marksman Instructor

Instructors Bio's