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​​​​​​​Private Basic Pistol Training- 1 person for 2 hrs of training-$90.00

Classroom Instruction- 1 hr
Range Instruction -1 hr

Private Basic Pistol Training- 2 persons for 3 hrs of training-$170.00

Classroom Instruction- 1 hr
Range Instruction-1 hr each person for total of 2 hrs

Range Instruction only- 1 person for 1 hr of training- $60.00

This instruction is intended as follow up training for students who have taken the Private Basic Pistol Training or have some previous training and would like to brush up their skills. Student will need to bring their own firearm and ammo for this training. Range Fee is covered with the instruction.

Private Basic Pistol Training-

This training is tailored to the new shooter with little to no experience with a pistol. Private instruction will include 1 hr of classroom instruction to include safety aspects of handling your firearm, sighting in,  proper grip, proper stance, loading your pistol, range rules and range etiquette.  During your 1 hr on the range we will work from several distances to build confidence with your pistol and working to obtain good grouping on the target. At the conclusion of this initial training you should feel comfortable continuing to practice on your own at your local gun range. We recommend that you continue visiting the range to work on the techniques you learned in your session.  If needed, we can also set up future training dates that would be completed on the range only. 

Training fee includes the range and classroom fee, pistol use, ammunition, hearing and eye protection use and instructor fee. If interested in this specific instruction call Jon @ 972-824-4867. Please call ahead to allow time to get classroom reserved.

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